At Makeka’s Loft, our expert tailoring is based upon how well we alter a garment to make it look custom. If you need our tailor to come to your home or business for measurements, all you have to do is call for an appointment.  We will make the arrangements for your fitting and have your alterations completed within the time you request. 

I am Randhir, the Master Tailor and I will be available for your apparel tailoring.  Known as the “cut master”,
I will make sure that you receive a custom fit.

Proper tailoring will distinguish your apparel from that of an off the rack look. 

Randir, Master Tailor


  • Cuff
  • Plain bottom
  • Zipper
  • Re-cut


  • Sleeves
  • Close vent(s)
  • Sides/center seam
  • Lining replacement


  • Sleeves shortened
  • Length shortened
  • Collar removed (banded)
  • We can switch cuffs & collar from one shirt to another


  • Shorten
  • Waist
  • Designs or seams added


Also alterations for women’s apparel


Randir, Chief Tailor